Meet the Team

Jordan Nesbit, DVM


Dr. Jordan was raised locally in Rupert, Idaho and graduated from Minico High School in 2009. He received his undergraduate degree from Boise State University in 2013 and then went to veterinary school at Washington State University, receiving at his DVM in 2018. Dr. Nesbit moved back to Rupert in the spring of 2018 and began his career at Ark Animal Hospital. He and his wife Kathryn have one son, Lawson along with their two fur babies Nikko and Maeve.

“While growing up, I always enjoyed helping with my family’s animals and have always had an aptitude for science; I decided to combine my two interests and go into the veterinary profession. When I was working as a veterinary assistant during my time in Boise, I really enjoyed helping with surgical procedures and found that the most rewarding part of the profession was seeing the gratitude that clients expressed for your efforts.

My favorite thing about being a veterinarian is solving the mystery of what ails an animal. Because our patients cannot talk to us to tell us what is going on, we must become detectives to try and piece together the issue. It is satisfying when you figure out the problem and you can correct it.

My professional interests are pain management and incorporating low-stress handling techniques to help make veterinary visits less stressful for all parties involved. I think pain management is important because an animal’s pain is often misunderstood. People think that just because animals do not express pain the same way humans do that they do not experience pain as much as we do, which is incorrect. Pets have all the pain receptors that humans have, and appropriate pain management is important to keep pets healthy and happy.”

Outside of work, Dr. Jordan enjoys golf, going to the movies, and watching college and professional football.

Kari Kuta

Veterinary Assistant

Kari became a member of the Ark team in 2015. She was born and raised on a small farm in Eastern Oregon. Kari attended Dallas Community College where she obtained her license as a Certified Medical Assistant. She moved to Idaho in 2014 and was given the opportunity to follow a lifelong dream of working in the animal medical field. Kari and her husband have 3 amazing children, who they raise on their small hobby farm.

“I have always had a desire to help both humans and animals and in this position, I get the chance to do both. Working with animals is an exciting challenge, they are unable to express what is wrong and it is the medical team's job to find out. Every day is an exciting adventure, that is full of diversity. It is a rewarding job being able to help a client's beloved pet.

My family and I enjoy all the great outdoor activities that Idaho has to offer, and we are truly blessed to live in such a great rural community.”

Saebree Robinson

Veterinary Assistant

Saebree became a team member of Ark Animal Hospital in 2019. She has spent most of her life living in Idaho but is originally from Utah. In the spring of 2019, she became a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. Later, she graduated Minico High School in May 2021.

She started to work in the veterinary industry in September of 2019. When she was younger, she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. The summer before she started, her dog got kicked by a horse and had to get surgery. This event was a catalyst for Saebree to pursue her dream to work with animals.

Saebree enjoys almost everything outdoors, mostly branding and riding her horse but she also enjoys camping and swimming in the summer.

“My favorite thing about working with animals is helping them and their owners. I knew I was in the right profession when I would come to work happy.”

Tristine Hull

Veterinary Technician

Tristine was born and raised in Rupert, Idaho where she grew up on her mothers farm. She graduated from Minico high school where she took part in Dance Force, FFA and Softball. It gives her a lot of satisfaction to know that she can help people and give their pets the best possible care. She is constantly learning and growing here at Ark Animal Hospital with the amazing staff we have. She never goes home feeling like she didn't accomplish something great at the end of the day!

Tristine is very family-oriented, they are the most important thing in her life. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her dog Dally, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, photography, and of course spending time with her crazy wonderful family and all of their crazy pets!

“When I was young I'd come in with my mom and I'd always tell her that someday I was going to work at Ark Animal and help people and their pets, and I am.”

Savannah Ramirez


Savannah was born in Utah and moved to Burley with her family when she was born and lived here ever since. She's currently enrolled in CSI and working towards her Digital Media degree. When looking for a job, she decided working at Ark would be a good opportunity to try something new so she applied! From what she has learned about this job is that there is more to it than meets the eye. She gets to learn many things everyday and meet new faces and of course make new furry friends.

She knew she was in the right place when she would wake up being excited about going to work and always having a great mood no matter what.

Savannah has two older siblings that gave her the chance to be an aunt in the last year. She has a cat named Cowboy that her and her roommate in college snuck in but now he just lives with her being a spoiled kitty. Her biggest goal right now is to gradate and move to New York.

“My favorite thing about working with animals is that even if your having a bad day the animals will somehow always put a smile on your face.”